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DGCA seeks explanation for massive flight delays of IndiGo


Recently there is a big News that is heartening the Indian airline customers as an individual also as this is a failure of the management of Indian airline IndiGo air. the news is that the airline company is being a sentence of laughter after its recent failure in the managing staff and the DGCA. It is the director-general of civil aviation that has issued some regulations regarding this misconduct. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

DGCA seeks explanation for massive flight delays of IndiGo

Meanwhile, with all these events of mismanagement DGCA and airlines, they are made fun of themselves and the memes over the Internet are trolling them regarding this new recent management failure. As this event is in the news on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube memes are floating on the surface of the Internet. People on social media call this event of Moss bank.

as Indigo Passenger FaceTime a long delay on Saturday, as more than half of the flights are delayed in their operation by Indio airlines. this is the largest operating Indian airline with a huge number of employees and flights including cabin crew, pilots, and other maintenance staff. But on Saturday together a large amount of staff is missing from duty as all of them are absent on sick leave and a large number of absent Staff of cabin crew as this event is viral on the Internet and calling it a mass bunk because all of a sudden how can so many employees got sick.

Indigo airline is a branch of a huge business franchise called Tata group and the owner of Indigo Airlines. Next is that Indigo airlines are recently in the process of recruiting a large number of cabin crew and also on the same day the company started when a large number of employees are absent the director-general of civil aviation DGCA said this is misconduct of duty as from Saturday and on the same day large no of cabin crew absent taking a sick leave.

he asked the indigo management for a report on this contact and delay of passenger flight as this delay is a lot of time and money for both the passenger and airlines, the inconvenience it caused to the traveler’s schedule is not pardonable as DGCA now asked for a written explanation over this delay that caused by staff absence

as the airline is busy explaining the event and also being strict with staff over their mutiny and organized delay of flights as this kind of events may lead to further some other activity that will cause even more sorry Air India is organizing some strict regulations over the sick leave and a large number of absent employers will be asked to explain their absence as the company has to pay for the delay time to the airport authorities and the compensation to the passengers as this is going over the aviation.

On the Internet social media platforms, DGCA is being a laughing stock because of this event management as the flights Face time Delay of flights takeoff people call it a Mass bunk as college students made such conduct during their class lecture and crew members taking live in mass amount, is a pinch of fun to them for taking sick leave at once and posts are floating on the Internet and this is a post of Entertainment for some but for some travelers, this kind of event is a real inconvenience it will cause them something serious.

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