Home News Is Desmond Tutu Dead or Alive? South African cleric death hoax explained

Is Desmond Tutu Dead or Alive? South African cleric death hoax explained


Is Desmond Tutu Dead or Alive? South African cleric death hoax explained: Desmond Tut’s death is a shock for all of his fans and friends. People are looking to Twitter to pay their tribute to him. But before reaching any decision let us tell you that his death is just a rumor and he is still alive. Yes, you have read it right but the question is who is spreading such rumors of his death news. And how he has been reacted to his death news. Let’s dive into it to get the answer to these questions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Desmond Tutu Dead

Is Desmond Tutu Dead or Alive?

He is the first black African to hold the positions of Bishop of Johannesburg and Archbishop of Cape Town from 185 to 196. He is from the American church of Southern Africa. He was born on 7 October 1931 and his birth name is Desmond Mpilo Tuts. He got married to Namalizo Leah Shenxane in 1995. And they both are blessed parents of 4 children. He completed his education at Kungs College London and further studied he completed in the University of London.


Is Desmond Tut Dead?

The answer to the most searched writing on the web is no, He is still alive and his death news aww just a rumor. So the news of his death has been published by Bishop Stephen Moreo and he has 15,000 followers on this account and he wrote that “Tut si passed away at aged 90  this afternoon.” The news is spread like a wildfire and all the South Africans are used to beginning mourning through their tweets, Thye use to take to Twitter and other social media platforms on which they pay tribute to him.

Later it is coming up as the fake news of Tut’s death and the social media users are becoming .confue whether it is a truth or a fake. Then this account gave a confirmation that os fake news and an Italian journalist is behind this hoax.

Later many of his fans took to Twitter and they apologize for that the pay tribute to him.

Here is a tweet from Nick Heflkkey:-

He wrote, “I apologize to all as I thought that @BishopSmoreo was legit. He tweeted about the demise of Tut but it’s confirmed that this was fake news and I apologize to you.”

Lauren Beukes has given a statement in which we read, “Thre tribute to Tut si dealated now and I apologize for this.”

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