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Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker: VIDEO Footage Explained Here!


There has been a new video which has been going viral as one of the Delta flight attendants has pulled off a heroic act, the passenger was traveling in the flight which took off from Los Angeles and was going to Nashville and he allegedly tried to enter the cockpit and then he tries his best to breach the system as he was trying to hijack the plane.

Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker

Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker Video

But it seems like that the crew members were on their toes as they managed to tackle the passenger as managed to pin him down as they zip-tied him before he can even implement what he was planning, the heroic acts of the 386 crew members have saved the lives of many people as God knows what that guy was planning to do, the incident has been stated by the Fox news stations.

There are some clips that were taken by the passengers of the incident as one of the crew members is visible in the video who is trying to wrestle someone so that he can pin the person down as in the video it is being seen that he is tackling someone behind some row of seats and the videos have shown some of the encounters that happened and in another video, it is clearly visible that the guy has managed to zip tie the person who was creating a nuisance as the attendant zip-tied his hands behind the person’s back, the caption of the movie was for the appreciation of the flight attendants as it stated that we all respect the flight attendants and it was followed by the clapping emoji.

In another video, you are going to see the Delta employee who has is sitting with his head which is lowering and with his hand together and the caption stated that the man deserves an award as the caption further stated that he saved the lives of so many people as the caption stated ‘the man just saved the plane’.

After all of this, the man was taken to the airport police as they took the man into custody, and now the suspect in the safe hands of the FBI which has been stated by the authorities and it has been stated by the FBI that there was no active threat that the person had planned and after all of this the flight took off again at 8:15 pm and then it went on to complete the journey which it was scheduled for.

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