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Delilah A Million Little Things: Boss Reveals Why We’re Saying Goodbye to Delilah?


Delilah A Million Little Things: Boss Reveals Why We’re Saying Goodbye to Delilah? The last season of A Million Little Things has ended up with a jaw-dropping ending and the fans have been left with a huge cliffhanger, you are going to be seeing Gary who will go to Peter’s house and put up a bag over peter’s head as he was seeking to avenge Sophie as she has been assaulted by Peter sexually.

Delilah A Million Little Things

Delilah A Million Little Things

The premiere of season 4 picks up after the event took place at Peter’s house, the audiences are going to discover over the course of the episode that Gary has teamed up with Layla’s dad in order to assault Peter which is going to leave the music teacher in a coma.

Even before Gary can feel vindicated for his actions, he discovered that Darcy has changed her stand and she does want to start a family with him and Sophie going to name Peter as her assaulter on the podcast of Maggie as she hopes to turn the public against him. It is going to be pretty hard of a task when the guy is unconscious on a hospital bed.

Gary is not the only one who is dealing with drama, Eddie seems to be obsessed with the woman who has hit him with her car and left him for dead at the end of season 2. The obsession started off as the woman called him out of the blue, he needs to be focused on staying sober and he should be committed to co-parenting Theo with Katherine.

If he is not able to find out about the woman then this could put him in sobriety and it is going put his relationship with Theo at risk. It seems like Eddie is going to have one less person to confide in or someone to keep him on the right track as Delilah is going to be leaving for France in order to check on her sick father.

The episode served as a goodbye episode for Delilah, at least this seems to be the case for now but it has been promised by the executive producer naming DJ Nash, she is going to be returning later this season and is going to help us unpack the drama in the season 4 premiere.

There has been a statement which has been given by Nash about the departure of Delilah to France, he has stated, she came to me at the beginning of the last season, she stated she is Connecticut and she is flying all the way to do the show, she has stated she used to go home every other weekend for four or five days, basically she wants to be in fewer episodes and the only way he found fitting in order to do that for her is to have her as a member of the friend group was to put her in France.

A Million Little Things is going to continue on Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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