It looks like that the situation of COVID-19 is getting on the nerve of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. As recently we have seen him mocking and screaming at the Delhi Private Hospital by saying that if they won’t reserve the 20% bad for the Corona patients then they will have to face the serious issues. Also, he added to stop the black marketing in this time of crisis as well as added that if the Hospitals can’t reserve 20% beds for the Covid-19 patients then they need to make it the 100% COVID-19 reserved hospital.

Earlier, the CM filed a complaint against Sir Ganga Ram Hospital by saying that they haven’t followed the rules given by the authority. You all should know that the Delhi Medical Association strongly condemns the way Delhi CM (Chief Minister) is warning the doctors and they even added that in this situation when the doctors are working way too hard is not great to slam them with the harsh words.

Delhi Medical Body Condemned The Police Case Filed Against Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Arvind Kejriwal’s Warning

As we have seen that the Delhi CM slammed the doctors and he is really threatening the hospitals, as well as the DMA, has confirmed that the Doctors who are serving the people for the last two months are tried and they don’t need to hear something unsupportive from the government. In the official statement, they have confirmed that Hospitals are the backbone of the healthcare systems and they are serving the patients COVID or Non-COVID.

The government instead of praising them is making them feel weird. In the official statement, they have confirmed, “Doctors of Delhi are already overworked and overstressed in this hour of pandemic crisis and the state government is unnecessarily putting pressure on healthcare systems,” the statement said, claiming the support of its 15,000 members.”

In the end, the serious numbers of increasing cases of COVID-19 in Delhi are threatening. You all should know that the DMA has confirmed that Delhi recorded 1,320 new coronavirus cases on Saturday as well as it includes the 761 deaths. Also, the reports also came that a lot of cases were not even admitted to the hospital and that’s really bad.


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