The good news for the alcohol consumers, the Delhi Government is planning to deliver the liquor at their doorsteps. In the policy shift of the key excise, the Delhi government has to lead the way for the delivery of alcohol over by the orders placed on the online website as well as through the mobile phones apps. As per the rule of Delhi Excise (Modification) Rules in the year, 2021-which is notified on a journal on Monday, 31st May 2021. The possessors who have L-13 licences will be permitted to deliver alcohol to the doorsteps, administered the order is accepted over online websites as well as the on the phone apps.

Delhi Liquor Home Delivery

Delhi Liquor Home Delivery Apps or Website Name

As mention in the notification, “The licensee can execute the delivery of alcohol at the doorsteps of the residences but only when they received the order over by the mobile phone apps or online portal but it is also remembered that no delivery will be supposed to make any office, hostel and in an educational institution.” The revised rules also permit clubs, restaurants and bars which are attached to hotels to serve alcohol in open places like courtyards, terraces and balconies.

Lt Governor Anil Baijal along with the Council of Ministers were previously approved that, The amendments-part of huge demands of the liquor and restaurant commerce and beverages. Within the previous norms, too the possessor of the licence L-13 could take the home delivery of liquor, but also remembered that home delivery will only be allowed if the order placed through Fax or by e-mail.

Delhi Liquor Home Delivery How To Apply or Order Online

The Delhi government official said that the “inapplicability of the norm” pointing out that there are some if someone possessors of the licence of L-13 and thus, home delivery of alcohol at no time took off in Delhi dissimilar in cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata.

The senior official of the Excise Department said, “The antecedent norms were too restrictive”. After this new rule, the Delhi Government is free to analyze the option of permitting home delivery over the portals and mobile apps. Now that the rule has been revised, now it is completely the choice of the government to take the following analytical step of permitting home delivery in existence and not just on the journals.


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