The whole situation in Delhi is getting weird as we have seen that the COVID-19 patients are increasing in the region. As well as we noticed that the state government is having trouble controlling the whole situation in the area though they are coming up with a strong plan that doesn’t work. Earlier, we have seen that the Delhi government announced that they wouldn’t allow the beds for the people out of Delhi in the state though that got changed when LG took the power to change the decision.

The Delhi LG Anil Baijal has announced the meeting of all parties so they can give them suggestions on how to fight this hard situation in the time of need. Also, the reports are coming that the Delhi CM Kejriwal is also likely to attend the meeting as he needs a lot of feedback because they way things are going isn’t in a favor anybody. The national capital of India, Delhi is struggling at the time of the pandemic.

The whole situation in Delhi is getting weird as we have seen that the COVID-19

The whole meeting will take place after the high-level meeting of Delhi disaster management. LG Delhi tweeted, “Directed all stakeholders for containment zone strategy as per ICMR guidelines. Delineate containment zones properly to ensure their effective management to contain the spread of infection. Also, advised the following best practices from others for management of COVID-19 cases in Delhi.”

In the end, we can say that the current situation of the Delhi Coronavirus pandemic is quite serious. Also, the AAP has confirmed today that they are expecting 5.5 lakh, Covid-19 patients, in Delhi by this 31st July 2020. Also, the reports are coming there will be 44,000 cases till 15th June 2020. You all should know that one lakh cases are expected by 30 June and 2.25 lakh cases by July 15. We can’t really say what is happening in Delhi but things will be alright as soon as possible.


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