Hotels in New Delhi will open soon said Health Minister Satyender Jain. After a very long time, Hotels are all set to welcome their guests and to show their hospitality. The standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the central government. Well, no doubt that its been a while that we are going through many unwanted incidents, and due to this hotel owners are also facing too many problems. With every announcement of unlocking everyone gets too much hope that now there life will be on the right track.

Delhi Hotels

This time this is not going to be a piece of fake news because the standard operating procedures (SOPs) have decided to allow all the hotel owners to reopen their hotels so that they can live again a happy life which they used to live. Everyone knows that in some past couple of months many losses have been faced by all the business tycoons.

This order is issued by DDMA said that hotels will be opening soon in all the areas of the state. DDMA has also allowed opening weekly markets by keeping an eye on the current situation and that too with safety equipment and social distancing.

According to an order issued by Cheif Secretary Vijay Dev in those areas the weekly markets are not going to open that come in containment zones and also in the red zones. We would also like to tell you that the weekly markets and the hotels are close to the 25th of march. This deadly virus is taking lives on a daily bases now the current figure of cases in India is around 3,049,855 these are the total cases and if we talk about the new cases so the new cases have been recorded around +6,419 if we come on total deaths so the total deaths are around 56,875 if we talk about the new deaths so the new deaths are around +29. As per this report, you can see how the virus s going to be worst as the days are passing.


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