After releasing a controversial order in Delhi’s GB Pant hospital the administration receiving many negative responses on social media. The hospital withdraws the order which was released earlier. According to the reports, In Delhi, the Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (GIPMER) has rollback the order that was issued earlier. The previous order directing all the staff to use or speak only English and Hindi and if anybody found using any other languages for the communication instead of these two languages, serious actions would be taken against the person.

Delhi GB Pant Hospital Malayalam

Delhi GB Pant Hospital Malayalam

The administration department of the hospital taken their step back and stated that the circular was released without their concerns and information. The nursing superintendent of the hospital issued the circular and said GIPMER had received a grievance against the use of the Malayalam language. In the circular its mentions that “A grievance has been received related to the use of Malayalam language for the communication in working premises at GIPMER.

The circular further added that “Considering that most of the patients and working staff do not know this language and feel uncomfortable and helpless causing a lot of troubles. So it is informing all nursing personnel to speak and use only English or Hindi languages for the communication and if anybody found speaking other languages instead of these two then serious actions will be taken on that person.”

After hearing the matter, Congress MP KC Venugopal commenting on this and adjured Harsh Vardhan the Union Health Minister to take action on it and order an instant cancellation of the “illegitimate” and “bizarre” circular released by the authorities of Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research. Venugopal made a tweet on Twitter, ” I urge honorable health minister @drharshvardhan to release an order for the instant withdrawal of the illegitimate and bizarre circular released by GIPMER authorities.

The Congress MP mentioned in the letter that, ” Kerala nurses are sincerely discharging their jobs around the world and passionately taking care of the patients. It is obvious, nurses are from the same region would use their local language for communication as it’s their mother tongue and they can communicate with themselves. It is not making any sense that why they would speak in their local language to a patient who doesn’t know their language. This circular is not making any worth or sense and highly discriminatory and contradicting the basic right of fundamental guaranteed by our constitution.”


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