Delhi people are going through a lot and the news of earthquake isn’t that big for them now as they have seen bigger things than that. You all should know that NCS which is also known as the National Center for Seismology has confirmed that the recent Earthquake was of 3.0 magnitude and it struck 17km east of Faridabad Haryana at 10:42 Pm.

The clear reports of the Earthquake are confirming that there were no causalities during the time of it. Also, the reports are coming that there been no reports of any major damages and nobody reported anything so far. Now, this isn’t the first time when Delhi saw something like this even before we have seen a lot of shaking thunder under the earth.

Delhi Earthquake today

Also, on the 29th of May, 2020 we have seen that a mild intensity earthquake of 4.6 magnitudes. The earthquake was centred on the eastern Haryana and Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) at 9.08 pm. We can simply say that things aren’t going as good as we expected for the people of Delhi. Also, last month the earthquake’s epicentre was Rohtak in Haryana and the depth was 3.3 kilometres.

We can simply say that Delhi is surely not in a good time right now. In past months we have seen around 6 to 7 earthquakes in the city and all of them were hard. Also, the reports are coming that the tension is getting weird and the COVID-19 pandemic is really getting into our nerve.

You must know that Delhi and the other nearby areas are facing the problem for the last few weeks. In a conversation with the media Dr. Soumitra Mukherjee who is the Professor of Geology at Jawaharlal Nehru University confirmed that there is no need to worry about this whole issue. He also confirmed that these tremors occur every year but yes it is necessary to be vigilant.

We are expecting a bit more earthquakes in the upcoming days. Reports are coming that there are small earthquake tremors in Delhi which are 3-4 standard on the Richter scale. So far we can’t say what will happen next?


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