Home News Delhi Coronavirus: Amit Shah ‘Together We Have to Make Delhi Coronavirus-free’

Delhi Coronavirus: Amit Shah ‘Together We Have to Make Delhi Coronavirus-free’


Delhi is now the capital of the Indian COVID-19 crisis but they aren’t the only with an increasing number of cases. We have Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, & Gujarat, & many other states which are getting worst in this situation. Now, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said on Sunday while doing a conference that the Centre and the Delhi government would have to work in tandem, together to make Delhi COVID-19 free.

The Union Minister said that we have to work together under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You must know that Shah himself has said that the crisis in Delhi must be in control but if the Delhi & Centre government would work along with each other then only the crisis will stop. The reports are coming that Shah was chairing a meeting in which he was reviewing the Covid-19 health crisis in the national capital of India.

Amit Shah covid 19

The Home Minister looked serious on the condition of the Delhi right now. Also, all three Mayors and the three municipal corporations of the city are ready to work together and implement the decisions.

Shah tweeted, “The Modi government is determined to prevent the coronavirus infection in Delhi. To stop the spread of the virus, testing will be doubled in the next two days and after six days the testing will be increased three-fold. Subsequently, after a few days, every polling station in the containment zones will be covered for testing,” Shah said in a tweet earlier today.

In the end, it is good that the Delhi Government, as well as the Central government, is working all together to come up with the solution. Shah also directed the Delhi Police Commissioner to ensure all guidelines and make sure that everybody follows strictly. You must know that the government is making sure that things go right and that is why they are doing this all to prevent the COVID-19.


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