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Delete Google Chrome: Why You Need To Delete Google Chrome? Google Users Warned


Delete Google Chrome: There has been a new shocking revelation, it seems like people need to delete google chrome, there is a new tracking admission from google, one which hasn’t made headlines as of yet, this is a serious warning to the users of chrome, if you are a regular user then this nasty reveal is going to make you to genuinely about quitting Chrome.

Delete Google Chrome

Delete Google Chrome

Behind the brilliant and slick marketing which is done by chrome, the reality of the situation is, chrome is in a big mess when it comes to security and privacy, it seems like it has fallen behind its rivals when it comes to protecting the users from data harvesting and tracking. The horrible third-party cookies have been postponed for some reason and there is going to be a replacement technology that is going to preventing users from being profiled and tracked, which has turned to have made everything worse.

It has been warned by the developer of Mozilla Firefox stating chrome is the one and only major browser which is not offering meaningful protection which is against cross-site tracking and chrome is going to continue on in its venture of keeping the users unprotected.

Why do You need To Delete Google Chrome?

It has been admitted by Google that such web tracking is out of hands and many times this has resulted in erosion of trust, the users are always worried about the advertisement and advertisers as to are tracking us or not and it has been stated by 81% of the people, there is a potential risk which comes from data collection always outweigh the benefits.

So how can google openly state this and it keeps getting away with this and then goes on to have such tracking as default on its flagship browser, the answer seems to be pretty simple, restricting tracking is going to be reduced materially and revenue generated through sales pitches, opinions and political messages and it seems like a so of now there is no plan B for Google.

Even the Google privacy sandbox is not going to be a help in the situation which was supposed to be the fix to all the issues as they were trying to make the advertisers serve and portray to the relevant target market but this is a far fetched dream for now as Google doesn’t have a staggering control over the internet and the system for internet advertising is not absolute, there are so many spider’s webs which has been created on the internet that it is going to be pretty difficult when every time a technology is going to be added as it is just going to be increasing the complexity.

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