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DEFCON Levels Military and What is DEFCON? Explained


DEFCON Levels Military and What is DEFCON? Explained: The war between Ukraine and Russia is constantly adding new development. As the troops of Russia continue their invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, the United States and its NATO allies have imposed numerous sanctions on the country in hopes of de-escalating the invasion. Biden stated at the time of a White House news briefing on Friday that ” Vladimir Putin is the aggressor. Putin selected this war and now he and his country will bear the results.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

DEFCON Levels Military

DEFCON Levels Military

In response to these economic sanctions and “aggressive statements” by NATO powers, Russia’s President on Sunday (27th February 2022) stated that he orders the nuclear deterrent forces of the country prepared for increased readiness and informed his top officials to be ready for a “special regime of combat duty.” But what is “nuclear deterrence”? Continue to read to know about it along with the nuclear capabilities of NATO and Russian allies.


What Is Nuclear Deterrence?

Nuclear deterrence is an ideology dating back to the Cold War used to control any nuclear attack. As the United States and then-Soviet Union each raced toward the creation and building of nuclear weapons, the United States adopted a strategy of nuclear deterrence, which means if the Soviet Union or any nation tried to attack, the United States would respond swiftly and introduce an even bigger attack.

Putin is using a similar strategy. The president of Russia has pointed out that if the United States and other NATO allies continue to impose heavy sanctions against the economy of Russia, or if they try to help the forces of Ukraine, Russia will be ready to respond with nuclear weaponry. Putin had earlier stated any countries that “impede us” will face “such results that you have never encountered in your history.”


An acronym for Defense Ready Condition, DEFCON is what the Pentagon uses to indicate the level of menaces the country faces from other nations, which then decides readiness for any possible response. There are 5 levels, from DEFCON 1 TO 5. DEFCON 5 is the lowest state of readiness, while DEFCON 1 is the greatest readiness, meaning war nuclear is about the starting or already has started.

Whilst speculation abounds, officials never publicly state which DEFCON level the country is under, for security reasons. The United States has never reached DEFCON 1. The highest it is thought to have been DEFCON 2, which allegedly happened at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Whilst there is no official declaration of the DEFCON status of the country, speculating about it abounds on the web.

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