Deaf Colorado Man Arrested: Why was Deaf Colorado Man Arrested? Charges Explained: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about a Colorado man who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. Yes, you read it right that a Colorado man said that two Idaho Springs officers banged him to the ground during an arrest in spite of his efforts to tell them that he could not understand their commands. This news has been circulating all over the internet widely. Several people have been reacting to this news and also criticizing the officers for their cruelty to a deaf man. In this article, we are going to tell you what exactly happened to the deaf man. Follow More Update On


Deaf Colorado Man Arrested

As per the sources, a deaf man from Colorado who uses signs to communicate with people stated that two Idaho Springs officials banged him to the ground in the course of an arrest despite his efforts to tell them he was unable to understand their commands. The deaf man who has been identified as Brady Mistic said that he was wrongfully prisoned for 4 months for an incident that happened on 17 September 2019. He is filing a case against officers Ellie Summers and Nicholas Hanning along with the city of Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County Board of Commissioners.

The lawsuit that was filed this month in the US District Court, says the incident started just after 07:30 pm. Mistic was reported to have run a stop sign before he was pulled into the parking lot of a laundromat. He was unaware that the police were following him into the parking, he came out of his vehicle and started walking toward the laundromat.

Why was Deaf Colorado Man Arrested?

According to the lawsuit, “As Mr. Mistic exited his car and walked past a dumpster in between his vehicle and the police vehicle, toward the laundry door, he was blinded by police vehicle lights and/or a spotlight shone by the officers.” In the lawsuit, he said that he had no idea about what was happening, what the officers were up to, and if they had come to do something with him. The man uses his hands to communicate with the officers but they didn’t listen to him.

The lawsuit claimed that without any attempt to communicate or warning, the officers grabbed the man by the sweatshirt. The police department said in an online statement that the officers gave verbal commands for Mistic to go back in his vehicle and it was determined he was deaf, however, the fact was unknown to the officials in the course of the initial encounter. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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