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(DD3) Dance Deewane 3 Elimination Today Episode 4th July 2021: Sahil and Anjali Eliminated From Dance Deewane Seaon 3!


Hello lovely readers, the brand new episode of the popular dancing reality show “Dance Deewane Season 3” is here to entertain you and we fetch you the written episode of tonight. Ravina Toddon is the special guest in the episode tonight. She will also be going to make everyone laugh along with Raghav. They both will be seen preparing fires together on the stage which s going to be the most entertaining part of tonight’s show.

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination

  • Sahil and Anjali Eliminated From Dance Deewane Season 3!

While Raghav is preparing fries he uses to pass hilarious comments on this and it creates laughter on the stage. He acted like “Garam Garm Pakode Lelo” He is the finest host for the show and keeps the audience engage with it. The audience likes to watch the show every weekend as the concept of the show is different and unique. The makers focused on bringing all their generations together on the single-stage which is highly appreciable by the viewers and they love to watch it.

Soomansh shakes the stage of DD3 with his performance. He might be tiny in size but his dance moves are superb that makes the judges amused and they use to bless him for his future and the journey ahead. He represents his performance with his coach and judges also praise the cash to bring out the best in his student. Madhuri Dixit claps for him during his entire performance. Not only him there will be going to many performances like this in the episode tonight which set the entire stage at the fire with their rocking and fiery dance moves.

Tonight will be going to be disheartening due to the elimination. The show has the top 10nparticipants on the list when one of them will be out from the show. Eviction is based on the votes of the people, a contestant who will receive the lesser votes will going to evict from the show. The show 8has the most talented artist this season hence the eviction of anyone will be devastated for the audience. To know who will be evicted tonight don’t forget to watch the show on Colors Tv at 9:00 pm.

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Kajal Gupta
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  1. I agree with u Manish. I am totally disappointed. Sadam is on top ten and was judge with his 3 performance and sahil and anjali were always on top.

  2. I will not be watching the show again.
    The best double act I have ever seen are eliminated but I wholeheartedly agree with the other. The one remaining are acrobats not dancers
    Don’t think it’s fair to bring in 3 wildcards. It was on obvious to me which one was gong to be chucked out.
    Shame on you. I surely can’t be the only person who thinks like me . The way is being made clear for Cunjan to win. It should be between pyrush and that brilliant arindrath . Sorry if I’ve spelt that wrong.

  3. They were not to be eliminated they were one of the best. The only fault was of their choreographer. His choreography was really bad. Why are they suffering due to someone else’s fault. Moreover Pallavi is not a deserving candidate

  4. Only people I watched the show for are n were Anjali n Sahil,Gunjan, sohail n Aman. I think now i am least interested watching this show


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