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(DD3) Dance Deewane 3 15th May 2021 Episode: Madhuri Dixit Gave 101 Rs To Pallavi and Siza As Shugun!


The weekend is here which means many reality shows in the line-up for the amusement of the spectators and all kind of genres will appear on TV screens on Saturday and Sunday. From this lineup, the most anticipating dancing reality show “Dance Deewane 3” is returned with another exciting or dancing episode of the show on 15th May 2021. Today’s episode of DD3 will make the spectators dance along with the performance of their favorite contestants. This weekend 15th May to 16th May 2021 is going to present the top dance winners of India.

Dance Deewane 3

The promo of today’s episode already created a hustle amongst the spectators and they are desperately want to see the dance performances of their favorite dance champions along with the contestants. In one the promo of DD3 is posted on Instagram along with the enthusiastic caption stated that ” When our amazing contestants will be supported by India’s most famous dancer, then only an amazing dance night will be celebrated” this caption is already suggesting that many wonderful and thrilling dance performances will be present in today’s episode.

The dance winners will comprise the top dancers from the previous season like Tejas, Rupesh, Alok, Kishan, and Vaishnavi and they will put the fire on the stage with their courteous dance moves. The existing contestants will be paired with these dance champions and they will present the dance performances together in order to win the hearts of the judges as well as their fans. The contestants and their paired dance champions are as follow:-

  • Aman pairing with Aalok
  • Gunjan pairing with Sagar
  • Piyush pairing with Rupesh
  • Pallavi pairing with Siza
  • Soochna pairing with Vaishnavi
  • Somansh pairing with Tejas
  • Arundhati pairing with Kishan
  • Jamna pairing with Yogesh
  • Sohail pairing with Mukul
  • Sahil Anjali pairing with Aakash
  • Uday pairing with Rupesh
  • Papai Antara pairing with Jayshree

Not only the dance performances of the contestants but the viewers will also see the few graceful dance moves of the judge Madhuri Dixit. She will perform the dance moves in order to boost the strength of the contestants. As today is Madhuri Dixit’s birthday the makers of the show along with the contestants will celebrate her born day to make her day memorable. She is absolutely looking stunning in her attire and as today’s is her day she is looking extra beautiful.


Talking about the dance performances of the contestants, the energetic dance performance of Soochna pairing with Vaishnavi presenting the dance on the song ” Pinga”. Their Lavani dance moves will highly impress the judges. Their energetic dance performance will win the heart of everyone. Not only their dance performances but other dance performances of the rest of the contestants will amaze the viewers. So grab the episode of Dance Deewane 3 on the colors channel at 9:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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