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(DD3) Dance Deewane 3, 12th June 2021, Episode, Jamna Special Performance For Madhuri Dixit and Elimination!


The episode begins with lots of entertainment tonight. You will be going to enjoy the amazing dance performances. The participants are ready to set the stage at the fire with their slaying moves and dance performances. Contestants were practiced a lot to represent their dance performances in front of judges and also to save their spots in a safe zone.

Dance Deewane 3

We will be going to enjoy Jamna’s performance on the hit song “Naino Mein Sapna” on which the legendary actor Sridevi performed and the song was a super hit. Jamna will also see in the pink dress as Sridevi wore in this song. Jamna will set the entire environment at the peak with her tremendous dance moves. Her steps and dance moves are so sharp and she is fabulous. The reaction of judges is shocking when they see her energy. Madhuri Dixit whistles on her performance and she compliments her that “Jamna Ji you are the best today, I love your performance.”

We will also be going to see Sidharayh Shikal in the show tonight and he will be seen performing a romantic act with beautiful judge Madhuri Dixit. He also says some romantic lines for her and they dance on a romantic track. Not only this we will as ging to see a hilarious act by Raghav Juyal. He makes everyone laugh a lot at the comedy and act he is presented.

There is numerous performance by the participant tonight which will be going to make you entice and super entertaining, The judges will be seen prices all the ‘performances. If we talk about Uday’s performance then he will be electrifying and his performance will be heart-melting. His performance touches the heart of the judges. Later after he finishes ‘his performance to judges gives him a standing ovation.

After this, there is a performance by kids and they will be dance like no one else can. The kids are electrifying and they received lots of compliments from the judges. The episode will be going to entertaining hence don’t forget to watch it on colors tv at 9:00 PM.

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