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Who killed Stephen Lawrence? What happened to Stephen Lawrence’s killers David Norris?


The audiences are going to be seeing the first episode of The new ITV drama naming Stephen which is going to be showing the struggles which his parents went through to prove that their son has been murdered, he was murdered on 22nd April in the year 1993. He was the victim of an unprovoked attack when he was only 18 years old, the three-part series is going to be focusing on the investigation which happened during his death, the investigation was launched after 13 years after he got killed after there was a racist attack. And it took the authorities almost 19 years to find out the killers who killed him.

David Norris Stephen Lawrence
Gary Dobson L and David Norris R

What Happened To Stephen Lawrence? 

oN 22ND April the year 1993, 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence was at a bus stop in Eltham in South East in London, he was with his friend who goes by the name of Duwayne Brooks as the pair were a subject to an unprovoked death. Brooks escaped the situation unhurt but it was seen that Lawrence was stabbed multiple times and as he managed to run over for 100 meters, he collapsed and he died because of blood loss.

Who Killed Stephen Lawrence?

David Norris Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence

When he was murdered, there were several people who came to the police as they mentioned about a gang which is in connection with the crime, there were notes which were left on a car windscreen and also in one of the telephone booths. The suspects which came into the limelight were Gary Dobson, brothers Jamie and Neil Acourt, David Norris, and Luke Knight who have been linked with some previous knife attacks and many of the racist incidents which took place in the area and the community.

David Norris Stephen Lawrence
Doreen Lawrence

David Norris Stephen Lawrence Latest Update:-

The five suspects got arrested and it was identified, they were charged with murder, the charges got dropped eventually due to the evidence of Brook stated to be unreliable and in the year 1994 in April, it was refused by the Crown Prosecution due to insufficient evidence.

David Norris Stephen Lawrence

In year 1994, parents of Stephen naming Neville and Doreen launched a private prosecution which led to a trial in year 1996 against Knight, Dobson, Acourt, this also collapsed, the inquest which started off in the year 1993 was resumed in February in the year 1997 having five original suspects, they refused to answer any questions.

In the year 2004, CPS carried out a review and it was decided again, there is insufficient evidence for the prosecution for the murder of Stephen, the trial began in the month of November, and in the year 2012, two of them got convicted for the murder due to microscopic evidence which was on their clothes linking them to the killing of Stephen.

Both Norris and Dobson were given life sentences for the murder and it seems like DCI Clive Driscoll is hoping to see some new leads following up the news series which is going to be aired on Television to find out about the remaining killers who are still roaming freely.

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