Home News Is David Harper Antiques Roadshow Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

Is David Harper Antiques Roadshow Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked


Is David Harper Antiques Roadshow Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked: A British antiques roadshow expert’s death news is surfacing on the web whose name is David Harper. David Harper is a television expert personality who has appeared in many shows like Antiques Road, Bargain Hunt, and, Celebrity Antiques. But there is no official confirmation of David Harper’s death. Let’s take a moment and explore this confusing matter briefly. We have discussed all the searching questions of the users which are in their minds and making them curious about this matter. Read down the page and read on David Harper’s death news. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

David Harper

Is David Harper Antiques Roadshow Dead Or Alive?

There are many rumors which are spreading on social media platforms but no one has confirmed his death officially from his family and colleagues. Then what is the truth? It is a Hoax? Read the next sections and know the truth. The rumors of David Harper’s death stunned everyone when an obituary on the web claimed that David Harper has died. Literally, his death left everyone in shock but fortunately, it was just a hoax, this is not the first time when David Harper suddenly stopped appearing on television he has done this before also. And David Harper’s this move raised rumors of his demise in fans and on social media.

David Harper

Through various efforts we have got David Harper’s family details, David Harper’s wife’s name is Wendy Harper, both exchanged marriage vows in 1997 and living together since their marriage. The couple also shares a daughter together named Henrietta Harper. As David Harper was rarely seen discussing his family and relatives we have got only this information regarding his family. After working in Bargain Hunt David Harper left the show, he was an important asset to the show when he left Bargain Hunt fans showed their disappointment to BBC.

David Harper

Recently in October of the year 2020, David Harper announced his quit from the show Bargain Hunt as he just wanted to move on and after this decision, he received a tsunami of messages and requests to revoke his decision and his fans also showed their love and positive behavior toward actor David Harper. But his sudden disappearance from the show has given birth to rumors of his shocking death but all were false, we hope David Harper is still fit and fine and enjoying with his family. If we get any related information to this news of David Harper we will add all details to this article as soon as till then read our other news article to explore the news world with us.

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