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David Dushman Death Reason: Auschwitz David Dushman Dies, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth!


The Soviet Red Army soldier David Dushman, the last surviving man of Auschwitz Concentration Camp (Nazi Death Camp) in 1945, has been passed away at the age of 98. He was a trainer of the Soviet Olympic team. He was also fourth in two main battles during world war second, Battel of Stalingrad and The Battle of Kursk. Dushman was the fencing trainer in the national women’s fencing team. He was a resident of Munich.

David Dushman

David Dushman Death Reason

Dushman took his last breaths in the Munich clinic on a Friday night on June 4th, 2021. The death news of Davis has been confirmed by the Jewish IKG cultural community, the community also identifies him as the “Hero of Auschwitz.”

His contributions at Nezi Death Camp in 1945:-

When became the liberator for the Auschwitz Concentration Camp he was 21 years old in 1945. So, he took help from his tank to cut down the electric fence of the camp on 27th January. His only target was to helping his prisoners was to set them free. The estimated data of dead people during the camp was 1.1 million who were murdered whereas some were Aushtwiz while most of them were Jewish.

Previous year Dushman talked about the Nezi Death Camp to Reuters and he stated that how they helped the people who were suffering during the camp, we offered food to them, tried our best to now down the fences, and continued to keep on helping them.

And we even got disheartened when we saw the condition of the prisoners, there were only eyes which were seen and it was the most horrifying and terrible situation they were going through.

David Dushman was faced many injuries while he was on the campaign but he didn’t stop and kept on moving ahead to liberate the prisoners.

International Olympic Committee, chief, given a statement about Dushman in which he claimed that “despite a liberator and a hero of Auschwitz, he met to me as a friend and a counselor in 1970. The president of IOC stated that,” he was such an amazing human and will be missed greatly.” And at this old age, he was still going to teach fencing at the club.

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