Vikram Joshi a journalist was shot. Nine criminals have been put behind the bars and 2 police officers have been given the pink slip. Journalist Vikram Joshi from Uttar Pradesh, who has been killed in Gaziabad nearby Delhi in front of his daughters on Monday morning. He was traveling by bike along with his Daughter suddenly a group of men attacked and started firing towards him. This accident took place in the Vijay Nagar area on the 20th of July around 10:30 on Monday.

His daughters were crying, screaming, and asking for help around him. even this accident is also recorded in CCTV camera here is the footage of Vikram Joshi showed laying on road with wounds. then he was admitted to the hospital but unfortunately this morning he died.

Vikram Joshi Journalist was Killed in Delhi

Police have investigated this case and nine accused were caught and they are under arrest but one of them is still on run police are finding him, 2 police officers also terminated from their job, found guilty. Two main culprits are also caught -Ravi and Chotu. police also seized a weapon from them.

The state government also announced 10 lakh rupees for the family who lost their pillar of the family who was earning. The family protested in front of the hospital because where the journalist dies and authority refused to take over the body of Vikram Joshi. It is such a shameful thing for us that journalists are being killed in our country for revealing the truth. Is it their fault?

Here you can watch the footage of CCTV  where some distance from his house a bike can be seen of Vikram Joshi with his two daughters and a group of man can be seen stopping him by the car and taking him off the bike, dragging him. His daughters are running in panic. He is injured, laying on the road after shooting by unknown persons than one of his daughters comes from behind screaming and asking for help.

now the question is, why he was shot? ” Vikram Joshi protested against the molestation of his niece and he filled an FIR in UP against culprits. His voice was muzzled.

West Bengal Cheif minister ” Manmata Benerjee” tweeted “My heartfelt condolence to the family of Vikram Joshi, a fearless journalist who passed away today. He was shot in UP for filing an FIR  to book his niece’s molesters. an atmosphere has been created in the country. Media not spared.Shocking.

Yesterday, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had also told on UP Government over the attack. “If this is the situation of law and order in Ghaziabad, Which is in NCR, You can imagine how bad the situation is across Uttar Pardesh. A journalist was shot just because he complained about molesters. Then how can ordinary citizens feel safe in-country?” she tweeted in Hindi. Here we can see the crime spreading like coronavirus or you can say more than coronavirus. People have become valueless, there is no value of life now criminals are fear-free. an atmosphere is being increased where is only violence or fear. The government should take strong actions against crimes. People are living with fear they are scared because they even don’t know when and how they can be attacked.


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