Date A Live Season 4: Releases Date, Cast, Plot, and, more!: Anime watchers, please pay attention to this blog. After a long wait “Date A Live” has finally come back for its 4th season, and that means the anime has gotten a new opening this sequence to start off! Tsunako and Tachibana’s original light novel series has been one of the most notable anime adaptions of the 2010s, but it also had a rough path to actually getting to its 4th season. The 3rd season of the series covered up its run a few years back, but there were previously no signs that the series would be making a resurgence until the 4th season declared it was in the works last year. Follow More Update On

Date A Live Season 4 Releases Date

Date A Live Season 4 Releases Date

Date A Live has finally come back for season 4 as part of the Springs 2022 anime schedule, and like each of the seasons prior to it, the 4th season has been ventured by a new studio and some changes to the production team behind the scenes. The 4th season of the anime also means a new opening and concluding theme sequence in tow too. The new opening theme is titled “OveR” as performed by Miyu Tomita, and the new concluding theme is titled “S.O.S” as performed by sweet ARMS.

Date A Live Season 4 Story

The series directed by Jun Nakagawa for Geek Toys, the 4th season of Date A Live (along with the previous 3 seasons) can be discovered streaming with Crunchyroll. They explained the series as such. “With numerous Spirits now living with him, the juggling act of Shido of giving ladies attention is never-ending. Above that, more Sprits come up for him to put the charm on. As he seals more and more, with his intentions not known to them, will he be able to keep this up or will it directly to one big, giant spatial quake?”

Date A Live Season 4 Cast

Previous cast members coming back for the 4th season include:

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shido Itsuka,
  • Marina Inoue as Tohka Yatogami,
  • Misuzu Togashi as Origami Tobiichi,
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Kotori Itsuka,
  • Iori Nomizu as Yoshino,
  • Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki,
  • Maaya Uchida as Kaguya Yamai,
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuzuru Yamai,
  • Minori Chihara as Miku Izayoi,
  • Ayumi Mano as Natsumi
  •  Akari Kageyama as Mokuro Hoshimiya
  • Hitomi Nabatame as Nia


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