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What Happened To Daryl Martin? Homicide and Murder Timeline Explained


What Happened To Daryl Martin? Homicide and Murder Timeline Explained: The murder cases are constantly increasing these days. The netizens are also keenly searching about the murder cases and currently finding out the murder timeline of Daryl Martin. The most searched question is who is Daryl Martin and what happened to him? Let’s find the answer to this question together. Daryl Martin (22-years-old) is a Manor House Apartments resident who was seriously assaulted by Harris in the month of August 1995 after trying to break up a quarrel between the lady and Harris outside a local bar. Martin was assassinated and attacked the night prior to he was supposed to testify Harris in the case of assault. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Daryl Martin

What Happened To Daryl Martin?

In the month of August 1996, a man called Harris killed Daryl Martin. Police have decided to keep his personal details confidential while they investigate so that the media does not interfere with the inquiry. They did not want any details about the case, including Daryl’s, to leak; therefore his personal details were kept secretive.

His personal information, such as relationship and family details, has yet to be found, but it is expected to be disclosed shortly. Harris (37-years-old), was found guilty of stabbing Martin in a parking lot behind what used to be Dunkin’ Donuts in the 1800 block of Columbia Avenue in the month of November 1996 to keep him from testifying in a case of court, evidence that would have put him in prison.

Daryl Martin Homicide 

Martin was attacked and assassinated the night prior to he was supposed to testify against Harris in the case of assault. Investigators swiftly disclosed a conspiracy in which the girlfriend of Harris, Kimberly Kistler, used a phone call to entice Martin to the site by asserting him to meet her at a nearby restaurant.

Martin gets agreed and headed to the restaurant, but Kistler was nowhere to be watched. Martin spotted a flat tire as he came back to his car. Prosecutors assert Harris attacked him from behind and chopped his neck while he was inspecting the flat, leaving Martin to die in the car parking lot.

Kistler was prosecuted separately for her roleplay in the assassination, in the spite of the fact that she testified against Harris throughout the trial. She was found guilty of 3rd-degree assassination and convicted to a prison term of 10 to 30 years. Last March, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed a warrant for the execution of Harris, but it was stayed by a federal judge pending an appeal.

Francis B. Harris, (37-years-old) was apprehended and will be put to the demise on 13th May through lethal injection. In the year 1997, he was found guilty of killing Daryl Martin (22-years-old) of Lancaster.

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