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Where is Darrin Lopez Now? Dead or Alive? Jamie Faith murder


Where is Darrin Lopez Now? Dead or Alive? Jamie Faith murder: Jamie Firth was an American Airlines executive who was murdered back in 2020 on October 9. And this is to make you educated on who was his murderer and how did he die. We have covered this story after doing a deep study of the investigation reports. Jamie was shot to death outside his residence located in Dallas, Texas. At the time of the killing, he was a husband to his wife named Jennifer. The couple was at their morning walk on that day with their dog but who knew this could happen. Keep reading this article to learn who was the murderer? what was the reason behind Jamie’s murder? and where is the murderer now? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Darrin Lopez

Where is Darrin Lopez Now?

According to the reports, Jamie was killed by gunshots and he was shot a total number of seven shots- one in the groin, three in the chest, three in the head. American Airlines executive was pronounced dead at the scene outside his home. However, the killing of Jamie was filmed by the surveillance camera of Jamie’s house. According to his neighbor, the gunman used a black Nissan truck. Jamie’s wife said in an interview, “I expect that maybe the murderer will realize one day what he ha has done.”

Darrin Lopez Dead or Alive?

Jamie met his wife first time on a blind date. According to their friends, the pair became inseparable soon after. In 2012 the pair tied the knot to each other in Las Vegas. This was not Jennifer’s first marriage. But investigators were not too behind the murderer’s trail. Things took a sharp turn when detectives discovered that Jennifer was in an affair with her school friend named Darin Lopez who is an army veteran. As per Jennifer’s mobile record, she was in Darin’s touch since 2020 after reconnecting with him in March 2020.

Who is Darrin Lopez?

Police officers started observing Darin’s activity from that point in time. Later officers also found a black Nissan truck that was used by the murderer at the time of killing Jamie. On 11th January 2021 police officers took Darin Lopez into custody. He was arrested in Tennessee. According to the reports, investigators also recovered a credit card from Darin Lopez’s home that was in Jennifer’s name. Eventually, pages of this conspiracy started unfolding and police found that Jaime’s wife and her boyfriend were together in the conspiracy. Later police arrested both of them. According to Lopez’s lawyer, Jennifer took benefit of his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the army.

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