If you are reading this article then definitely you must have watched all the seasons of the series Dark and you are a fan now. Yes, recently there is a hype about the sci-fi drama series Dark and everyone has been talking about it. The show is quite interesting actually not just quite, it’s really interesting and impressive. The writers and directors have done a great job of blowing people’s minds.

Time travel a thing on which still scientists are working has been shown as the centre of the series. The journey of people troughs different time stamps and how it aff reality has been shown in an impressive way. Initially, when you start watching the series, it builds up anticipation for the audience that what is going to happen next. And this anticipation has been given all the justice as it is kept and maintained throughout the seasons. People at any moment cannot guess that what is going to happen next and who will be returning.

Dark Season 4 Release date

Starting with the disappearance of Mikkel and reaching to 1986 then coming back again in 2019 as Michael, confusing right? The series has so much suspense similar to this one. Adding flavor to this time travel is the Apocalypse which is arriving soon. This apocalypse will bring about a lot of changes in people’s life. Different characters trying to stop the apocalypse from taking place in different ways and different times is another mind-blowing thing that the writers and directors worked on.

Dark Season 4

During this time when in reality a pandemic like Coronavirus is prevailing over the world alongside different disasters taking place, this series can be helpful to overcome all the feeling which is building in all our minds.

Dark is a series that portrays a small town named Winden in Germany. The series is revolving around the families in Winden and how time travel is going to change a lot of things in their lives.

The first season of the show aired on Netflix in 2017. It was a huge hit then itself. The second season also had so much of speculations taking place in the audience’s mind and it released soon after the first season was over. Even the second season received an equally good response from the fans like the first season.

After the success of the second season, the show makers decided for the third season. And not to our surprise the third season released in June 2020. People are still watching the show and it is on the top 10 list of Netflix’s most-watched show and trending. People are loving the third season as well. With the release of the third season the creator of the show Baran bo Odar and production decided that this will be the final season. There is no further season for this sci-fi drama series.


The show has ended on a good note though. And news for the audience is that the creator of the show and production has signed a deal with Netflix and they will be coming up with another mind-blowing show soon. Odar and Friese are already doing work on one project called 1899, which is a historical horror. Hopefully, the new series will be as interesting as Dark.



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