You must know that the Vice President of BJP in Dantewada unit Jagat Pujari is arrested in the charges of being a Maoist supporter of the Naxals. The sources are saying that he was arrested and the investigation for the same is on. Reports are coming that he was allegedly found procuring a tractor for a hardcore Naxal, Dantewada. This news is confirmed by the Superintendent of Police Abhishek Pallava who told the exact thing to the PTI.

Reports are coming that another person Ramesh Usendi is arrested for the same. The BJP leader is under investigation and the sources are saying that the Police have received inputs from the Police in which senior cadres from the Abhujmaad area had handed over the money to Ajay Alami, militia commander-in-chief, active in Indravati area committee of Maoists, for procuring some things.

Dantewada BJP Leader

The cop claimed that they enough evidence for the same incident and they are looking forward to the investigation to go on. They have mobile phone intercepts and they kept an eye on some suspects, including Pujari, in the area. Overall, the whole thing was really disturbing and now the name of the BJP is coming under for the same.

You must know that the Police confirmed, “On Saturday afternoon, police intercepted a newly- purchased tractor-trolley on Barsoor-Chitrakot route and rounded up Usendi, a native of Orchha area in neighbouring Narayanpur district when he was allegedly going to deliver the vehicle to Naxals.”

Also, the sources are saying that during the interrogation Usendi claimed that Maoist leader Alami is the one who has given him 4 lakh to procure a tractor, and also he said that Pujari will help him in the entire process. After that, the police have arrested Pujari from Barsoor. He confessed to his involvement in supplying various materials to the senior Maoist cadres in the region in the past.


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