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Is Danielle Lori Problematic and White Supremacy and Racist Trump Tweet Explained


Is Danielle Lori Problematic and White Supremacy and Racist Trump Tweet Explained: Danielle Lori is in news nowadays since she became a part of racism and criticism? Her name is trending on social media platforms and people call her a Trump supporter. She has been the hot topic of discussion as people thought about her that she gives pushes to racism and white supremacy and many more speculations are being made about her but how much are they true? you will be clarified by exploring the article down the page and reading all the details which we have wrapped in this article. Read more and get more in the given below sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Danielle Lori Problematic

Is Danielle Lori Problematic?

Danielle Lori lives with her husband, kid, and many pets at home in a small Iowa town. Danielle Lori is a renowned author, she delivered dubious men, electric hate-to-love relationships, and sometimes charming and sometimes spunky heroines. Danielle Lori has covered both contemporary and fantasy subgenres but she will never ditch romance. Coffee, 1990s chick films, and bodice rippers appeared to be her daily routine. Despite being a famous American author she has not been added to Wikipedia, but since she tweeted from her social media handle she put herself in trouble.

White Supremacy and Racist Trump Tweet Explained

The matter picked up speed after an incident when an African-American man named George Perry Floyd Jr. died on 25th May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was born on 14th October 1973 reportedly killed by a police officer when he was got arrested after being accused of using a phony $20 note by a store clerk. One of four officers came on the spot named Derek Chauvin and put George on his knees for 9 mins and 29 secs and made him unable to breathe. And according to the data, George passed away due to police officers’ brutality especially against black people, and outrage was raised when George said he can not breathe before his death.

After this incident, Danielle Lori tweeted on its matter that she does not pen about males, in spite of that most people consider the comment was about George and netizens assumed her tweet was on George as she did not take the side of a black person and indifferent way she ingrained a racist and got the label of Trump supporter by social media users. People are outraged because they think that the United States has turned over into the White Supremacy. Many social media users have appealed for an end of this violence against the black population.

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