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Dancing Boy Punched: Jail For Man Who Sucker-Punched Dancing Boy Sentenced To 7 Years


There has been a recent video which has been got to the notice of many of the people as a dancer was performing on the streets was sucker-punched by a guy naming Cedric Moore who has been declared as guilty for what he has done and has been charged with second-degree assault which was captured in one of the cameras in Cape Girardeau and the video was captured a year ago but this been going viral recently due to which the person has been punished for what his bad deed, the assault was more severe as the person he attacked was just 12 years old and above he punched the kid for no reason.

Dancing Boy Punched

Dancing Boy Punched

The guy has been sentenced to 7 years in prison as randomly punched a kid for no reason whatsoever and he has been charged for second-degree assault by the authorities, the name of the 12-year-old is Ethan Hagler and he was dancing on the main street sidewalk when it was the month oh July of the previous year as he was with Michael Curry who is his dance instructor and there was another young boy with him during that time.

There was an SUV that pulled off in the middle of the road and no one suspected anything as the Moore came out of the SUV and started dancing and everyone just thought that he is just having a good time until things went completely south as he approached the kid from behind and delivered a sucker punch to him for no reason and then he ran back to his car which one of his friends was driving and just rushed off in the car after hitting the kid and this is the whole shot that was caught on the camera as you can see the car exiting the focus as they ran away in the car after hitting him really hard.

the kid was pretty strong as after a blow like that, there are chances of a person getting knocked out but he managed to get up after that hard punch as there is blood coming out of his face as it is pretty evident in the camera and the police used the footage as it helped them to identify the man that was in the video and then they went on to arrest him and now he is going to be behind bars for about 7 years of his life. This is something that people should learn from the incident that the bad deeds that you do are going to come and haunt you even though it can take some time but surely some or the other say it is going to be severe for the person.

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