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Dancee+Telugu Today’s Episode 14th February 2021: Maheswari & Tejaswini Special Performance For Valentines Day


Presenting you the written episode update on “Dance Plus Season 6” of February 14th, 2021. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see electrifying dance performances of all the proficient participants. It will consist of the romantic theme songs as it’s gonna be a valentine’s special episode. The participants are completely prepared to hit the show tonight with their performances. They have practiced a lot to slays the entire show tonight. They have a pressure of elimination hence they have to present the best performance among all.

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Choreographer Sundaram Master has seen in tonight’s episode also as a chief guest in the show. Raju Sundaram is the best to know for professions such as dance choreographer, actor, and director. Hw worked in Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. Also, he is the cousin of renowned dance personality, Prabhu Deva. His presence makes pressure on participants to give their best. But he is going to keep the atmosphere hilarious as participants don’t go nervous and present with confidence. The audience also gets laughs with his comedy sequences.

Two talented girls give an entertaining dance performance together. Both choose a romantic track to present their amazing dance. They made judges impressed with their hook step in which a girl holds another girl on her head and takes a circle. Both are flaunting in the pink trouser and white neck top and their attire fit with the song too. One of them has offers a red rose to her favorite judge. While Sundaram tells them we deserve it as “I’m the father of Dance plus. And expecting this rose from you both.” This statement makes everyone chuckle.

A cute little girl trips on a romantic ditty, which amazes entire judges, participants, and audience. She represents vulnerable leg stretching steps. She shows stretches out her whole body during the performance. Her performance deserves a standing ovation. And she received it from all the judges. Her attire is stunning, “a pink fluffy frock along with red cut sleeves top.” The host of the show has also graced her with his love and blessings. One of the judges calls Jiya to him and praises her.

The show has also consisted of some fun. While a couple is having a conversation on a stage Sundaram comes to the stage and plays a hilarious action by putting a girl on his shoulders. Later, he humorously proposes to her, this creates huge laughter in the entire show. Watch the full episode on the channel “Star Maa” at 9:00 Pm from Saturday to Sunday.

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