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Dancee+ Plus Telugu Today’s 6th March 2021 Episode: Sanketh Extraordinary Performance & Elimination!


Here we are with another written episode update of “Dnace+” on 6th March 2021. The episode is gonna be filled with lots of tremendous dance performances tonight. The show is becoming more appreciable as it is getting close to the final weeks. The participants are getting involved in more and more practice and new dance ideas to amaze the audience and judges so, that they can save their spots for the finale week.

Dancee+ Plus

The participants are doing lots of hard work and working on sharpening their dance moves and skills. The audience is appreciation the show highly and it is at the top of the TRP list. The format of the show is the key to keeping the viewers engaged to Dance+. The makers are not only focusing on dance concepts but also on comedy. The host along with the judges keep the atmosphere hilarious and joyful at the same time.

The most highlighted performance of tonight’s episode is given by Sanketh Maguva. He sets the stage at the fire with his burning and rocking performance. His dance moves are surprising for the judges and audience. Also, he gets lots of praises and receives blessings from the judges including special guests. His performance is commendable and deserves praises from judges. Sanketh grabs future blessings from the judges. He performs on Maguva Song.

Whereas other participants have also amused judges with their electrifying performances. Some of the competitors perform contemporary while some perform hip-hop. And their performances are remarkable and commendable. While other participants also receive positive comments snd praises from the judges. A girl represents her fabulous dance moves on a romantic track and it is speculating to watch her. She seems happy collecting numerous compliments.

In the next episode, we will also be going to witness elimination. And might be difficult to face the elimination for the participants. This is the most disheartening part of the show but it’s the format of the show. As the winner will go to one only. To watch the full episode set your remote on the Star Maa channel at 9:00 Pm from Saturday to Sunday.

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