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Dance Plus Telugu Today’s Episode Elimination 1st May 2021: These Contestants Are In Danger For This Week!


The show is going to be back with a bang as the weekend is here and the show is here to entertain you on the weekend night and if you are into dance then this show is perfectly suited for you and if you feel like laughing then also the show is perfectly suited for you.

Dance Plus Telugu

It seems to be that the show is really making an individual fanbase for the show and keeps creating a stronger fanbase with every episode as the performances have been truly amazing on the show as the contestants are fully aware that the competition is too tough and in order to be in the race they need to come up with amazing performances every single time as the margin for error is pretty low. Even though this has been the first season for the show, still the craze for it has been truly phenomenal.

The elimination round took place in the last week and now we have been seeing more amazing performances as no one wants to land in the danger zone which has made the show crazier and has made the competition more difficult. The show is one of the most popular TV shows when it comes to the Telugu language and it airs every weekend at 9:00 PM.

This weekend the show is going to have a concept of young couple vs senior couple to make the show even more entertaining for the fans. the show is all about having fun and dance and groove to the beats and the show is meant for the people who the Telugu language in and out as it is focused on them only.

The judges are also going to be a part of all this fun as they will be coming on the stage to have some fun with the contestants and it seems like there are going to be some really amazing dance performances and judges are truly going to have a hard time when it comes to giving marks to the contestants as the level of the show has been increasing with every passing weekend, people can also save their favorite contestant by voting for them which will boost the confidence of the contestants and will make them more motivated to come out with some truly amazing performances.

The episode is also going to have the recreation system in today’s episode where the performers will have to perform on the old school songs and give it a new modern touch with their dance performances. For more updates about the show keep engaging with us so that you can know about your favorite shows.

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