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Dance Deewane Season 3 Today’s Full Episode 11th April 2021 Highlights Updates: Shatrughan and Dharmendra Deol On DD3


As the weekend hits, ‘Dance Deewane Season 3’ is back with a bang which will be aired on colors on 11th April 2021 which means Sunday combining the best of best at 1 stage which just shows the supreme level of the show and also speaks a lot about the tremendous competition that the show carries having these amazing kids who are just bursting out with so much talent. It is the most popular dance show on television.

Dance Deewane Season 3

Today you will witness an amazing dance battle between two of the most energetic performers as they battle out on the stage having teams by their side, the team names are ‘team Gunjan vs team Somansh’.

Judges and the crowd will be seen highly anticipated for this amazing dancing battle as by the promo of the show it seems like the crowd and the judges went to give them a standing ovation as they killed the stage with their mindboggling performances and also Raghav entertains the crowd by being witty and being humorous as always, even when it comes to being a host of the show he is phenomenal when it comes to that as he keeps everyone indulge with his non-sensical humorous talks.

The guest who will be coming on today’s show will be the legendary duo, Mr. Shatrugan Sinha and Mr. Dharmendra who will make everyone awestruck with their legendary presence on the show and Dhaarmedra even gives one of the contestants Rs.51 after her performance as he considers 51 as his lucky number and also Mohan Shakti will be coming with her special performance which will blow the crowd away.

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The show will be up and running at 9:00 pm on colors today itself so get ready for some action-packed dance performances that will blow your mind to the fullest as the amazingly talented dancers are going to burn off the stage their amazing performances. TODAY AT COLORS 9:00 pm. Be on the lookout for an electrifying hour of dance madness.

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