Here we are with a written episode update of “Dance Deewane Season 3” on 22 May 2021. The episode is gonna be jammed up with lots of fun and entertainment. The participants are going to be amazed by their tremendous performances to the audience. We all know that the show is coming close to the finale weeks and it is becoming more appealing day after day. The contestants in the show are under the pressure of eliminations.

Dance Deewane 3

We will be going to enjoy a dance battle between the participants who are in the danger zone. Yes, this is the format of the show the participants in the danger zone must have to face battle, then judges will decide the best performer amongst them and they will be saved from the upcoming eliminations. The participants tonight are going to slay the stage with their electrifying performances. The dance performance by Arundhati and Tushar will be going to hit the stage.

They dance on “Aa Zara Karib Se” and they dance in salsa style. Both are tremendous. The audience enjoys their performance while the other two judges use to cheer a lot during their dance. Both are looking stunning together and theIr chemistry is commendable. After their performance, Mudhrit Doxit stands up and she uses to give them a huge round of applause. Dharmesh also does the same and he remains stunned with their dance.

We will be going to see a clip in which we can seed how generation one uses to play pranks with the rest of the contestants. They use to do fun with their elder ones. Kida bring a cake for one of the female participants and they apply that cake to her face and she uses to laugh a lot at this. Nit only this tey will also be going throw water on the male contestant. This shows how kids use to fun backstage.

After this, we will be going to enjoy the electrifying performance of Diya and Antara. The performance is jammed up with lots of amazing stunts which remain stunned and amuse. While one of the dance pairs going to perform on “Maa Tujhe Salam” and their dance is going to set the stage on fire with their fiery performance. Not only this tonight the audience will also be going to enjoy a romantic performance, but they are also looking too good and their chemistry is remarkable. Judges give numerous compliments to them and also bless the participant tonight for their bright future. Enjoy the full episode on colors tv at 9:00 pm.


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