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Damaury Mikula Arrested: Why was TikTok Star Damaury Mikula Arrested by Florida Police?


Damaury Mikula Arrested: Why was TikTok Star Damaury Mikula Arrested by Florida Police?: The crimes are raising in the world day by day and this is also a topic of concern hence the government and authorities must take some serious action against it. So we are here again with a have the heart of one crime which has been attempted by Damauru Mikula. Is now arrested for breaking a traffic rule. This might have been led to an accident also. What he does was wrong and thus he is facing jail now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Damaury Mikula Arrested

Damaury Mikula Arrested

He is so young and also a social media personality. Now his fans are taking over the web to know why he has been arrested. So let us tell you that he has been arrested now. And the complete case update will be given to you in the article below. It is a Friday incident when he ran out from the Red Light and this leads to his arrest. He was at the Florida Highway Patrol and he was at the highest speed and he crosses the Red Light. He was at 100 miles per hour.

Why was TikTok Star Damaury Mikula Arrested

The police tried to catch him and they finally caught him after which they took him for further investigation. At the intersection of state road 54 which is at Sunlake Blvd and there he was started a Bournut and smoking the tires of a Dodge Challenger next to a patrol car stopped. This all happened at 10:30 Am. After this, he was running a red light. When the troopers got activated after noticing him they use a siren and also continued to speed up at the area of Ballantrae Blvd which is near state 54. And after their activation and action, Mukula doesn’t stop and he was ran from there with the high speed of his car.

Damaury Mikula Arrested Damaury Mikula Arrested

After this trooper follows him and then they knock on his door where they arrested him. He gave the keys to his car which he parked in the garage and gave permission to the tropers to towed his car. Trooper gave a statement in which told about the confessions from Mikula. He told them that “I knew you were following me and there wasn’t anyone else other me. And then I thought it was okay to speed up a car.” He also told about his mentality on speeding up a car then Troper make him understand the things which are in his favor and also going to help him in his future.


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