Home News Daisy Ridley Car Accident: Daisy Ridley Commit Vehicular Manslaughter At 16?

Daisy Ridley Car Accident: Daisy Ridley Commit Vehicular Manslaughter At 16?


Daisy Ridley Car Accident: Daisy Ridley Commit Vehicular Manslaughter At 16?: The popular social media platform Twitter is always brought some interesting topics to discuss and this platform notorious for wild practical jokes. The latest topic about the discussion is related to Star Wars star Daisy Ridley and on Wednesday, 13th October 2021, Twitter was flooded with memes and posts about Star Wars stars being engaged in an alleged car accident when she was just 16. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Daisy Ridley Car Accident

Daisy Ridley Car Accident

The wild practical joke further claims that she purportedly assassinated someone in what was a hit and run. This rumor is spreading on social media like wildfire but how much truth is there in this let’s find out together. Yesterday, all over Twitter the rumor regarding Daisy Ridley that she is alleged to have perpetrated vehicular manslaughter when she was a teenager. But before that, you come to any conclusions, let’s make our readers clarify that these wild assertions are nothing but a waste and groundless hoax. Daisy was never engaged in such a grisly act.

Daisy Ridley Commit Vehicular Manslaughter At 16


Stars War Actress Did Not Commit Any Hit And Run Accident

The rumors regarding the involvement of Daisy in perpetrated vehicular manslaughter begun with a tweet that was shared by the user of Twitter who made his account by the name @baklavalamp as a joke. Presently, the Twitter account is locked and other users can not see the tweets but some social media users were smart enough and quick to get a screen capture of wild rumors begun on the account.

The real tweet which was uploaded as a joke states that “daily ridley committing vehicular manslaughter is so funny to me like. Where she was going.” After sharing the Tweet, the user has begun getting backlash for creating this groundless assertion claims about the actress, they shared one more tweet by saying that “SO MANY ILLITERATE PEOPLE. I did not say SHE DID IT I said the idea of her doing is quite amusing.”

The users did not find it funny at all!

Fans Slammed On Alleged Car Accident Rumours

The fans of Daisy are annoyed for obvious reasons ad they took the social media platform to slam those involved in layout these groundless rumors. One user wrote, “Who hates Daisy Ridely that much to make a gossip like that, and then who is insane enough to believe it???”

Another user wrote, “I don’t know what does it say about Daisy Ridley that people think she WOULD commit hit and run case”


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