A video of Mumbai Airport is getting viral in which we can see that FedEx Plane got skids off. Reports are coming that during the landing things went bit viral and boom. The reports are suggesting that due to the heavy rain at the Mumbai Airport things went little out of control afterwards we have seen that massive landing gears displace when a plane tried to land in between the Nisarga cyclone.

In the video, we can clearly see that a plane is trying to land but due to the wet runway, it had a bit of trouble in landing. The authorities are saying that it is normal and it happened because the jets of water rise several metres from the ground. You all should know that it is normal and it happens when a plane leaves the runway in use during take-off or landing. Reports are suggesting that it could be intentional or unintentional but nothing is confirmed now.

FedEx Plane Skids Off

First of all, you all should know that the plane has been towed away from the runaway and the incidents didn’t disrupt flights. After having a discussion with the Airports Authority of India the government decided not to operate flights till 6 pm and that comes under safety. Is the airport started the flights again? Reports are coming that Air Asia India, Air India, IndiGo, GoAir and SpiceJet has refunded the money to the customers the plane ticket got cancelled.

Mumbai Airport Authority confirmed, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport witnessed a runway excursion today with FedEx flight 5033 arriving from Bengaluru. The incident occurred when the MD11 aircraft landed on runway 14/32. The aircraft was towed away from the runway and there has been no disruption in flight operations.”

In the end, Nisarga cyclone is in the middle of everything. The world is already facing the COVID-19 pandemic and now this cyclone. You must know that Nisarga cyclone is causing heavy rainfall in the whole area of Mumbai. The temperature of Mumbai is quite high today. We will update you about the Nisarga cyclone down here.


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