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Who Is Cuban Link, 50 Cent Celebrates V-Day With Girlfriend


Who Is Cuban Link, 50 Cent Celebrates V-Day With Girlfriend: A few days back rapper 50 Cent got fat-shamed massively on the social media platforms and now he is making headlines once again but not for the same reason this time as he celebrated Valentine’s day with his girlfriend. Since this news has broken out on the web it is gathering its speed to spread on the web just like wildfire and making people curious to know about how the acclaimed rapper celebrated valentine’s day and with whom he celebrated the V-day and moreover where he celebrated the V-day? Follow the article till the end to get all the answers to your questions regarding this sensational news so scroll it down and have a look at all the given below paragraphs of this blog. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cuban Link

Who Is Cuban Link?

As we have mentioned above 50 Cent has got massively fat-shamed on social media platforms when he appeared suddenly on the Super Bow LVI halftime show on Sunday at SoFi Stadium on 13 February 2022 after he had to face online bullying on Twitter for his overweight body. However, this was not enough to halt him from celebrating Valentine’s day with his girlfriend. Take a look at the following section as we have disclosed the name of the rapper’s girlfriend in the following section.

People are eager to know who is rapper 50 Cent’s girlfriend and with whom he celebrated Valentine’s day, so here is the answer to this question is the name of rapper 50 Cent’s girlfriend is Cuban Link and he celebrated the V-day with the same girl, her real name is Jamira Haines and she is dating rapper 50 Cent right now and both did not waste any second to spend some quality moments together on Valentine’s day. Read the further section to know where did the couple go to celebrate the V-day.

50 Cent is currently 46 years of age and he has given many chartbuster hits throughout his career, he has made his name so popular with his talent for rapping and he has a great fan base that is why his name is being searched on the internet so immensely. According to the reports he celebrated the day of love at NYC hot spot Sei Less with her gorgeous girlfriend Cuban Link, he did not spare any second of time after landing at the airport to drive straight to the restaurant. Stay tuned with us for more details on this page.

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