The 31st season of Chinese Premier Baseball League 2020 is ongoing. The teams which are up for the next match are  Chinatrust Brothers and Rakutenn Monkeys. Rakuten Monkeys, have been performing really well in the league. With their great performance, they have managed to fix their position on the top of the scoreboard. Not only this they have had a series of victories in their account and to maintain that they will be facing the Chinatrust Brothers in a match.

CTB vs RM Live Score

If they win this match they are going to hold their position on the top for a long time. Of the 27 matches they played, Monkeys have won 18, confronting rout in the other nine. The Brothers face a tough undertaking against the guarding champions Monkeys and it will take a great deal for them to grab triumph against an in-structure side.

CTB Vs RM Squads

CTB Brothers: C Tzu-Hsien, C Tzu-Hao, C Chih-Hao, C Wen-Chieh, L Shu-Yi, C Szu-Chi, W Wei-Chen, L Shih-Sheng, C Kun-Yu, Y Tung-Hua, S Wei-Ta, W Tung-Jung, P Chih-Fang,H Chi-Hung, E Rogers, A Miranda, J De-Paula, L Yi-Chung, H En-Sih, L Chen-Chang, W Chun-Wei, T Chih-Che, C Kai-Wen-Sr, C Lei, H Jung-Hao, P Shih-Ying, H Chun-Sheng, C Chia-Chu, K Yu-Chieh.

Rakuten Monkeys: Chen Chen-Wei, Lan Yin-Lun, Cheng Chin, Chan Chih-Yao, Yu Te-Lung, Chu Yu-Hsien, Lin Li, Chen Chun-Hsiu, Kuo Yen-Wen, Lin Cheng-Fei, Lin Chih-Ping, Kuo Yung-Wei, Wang Yi-Cheng, Weng Wei-Chun, Ryan Carpenter, Elih Villanueva, Chen Yu-Hsun, Huang Tzu-Peng, Chiang Kuo-Chien, Su Chun-Chang, Wang Yao-Lin, Lin Po-Yu, Lin Yi-Hsiang, Lin Hung-Yu, Liao Chien-Fu, and Liu Shih-Hao.

On the other hand Chinatrust Brothers are not doing so well. They had a great start in the beginning of the league but suddenly they had taken a dip in the league. Facing defeat in two out of the four matches they have been seeing a downfall.

It is a match for Rakuten Monkeys to win particularly when Chinatrust Brothers have seen an abrupt dunk in their game dominating consistency.


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