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Crypto broker Voyager Digital LTD Lowered Daily withdrawal limits to $10k


The NEWS is a huge decline in the cryptocurrency market values as the market is hit by inflation and banks increased their rates of interest the shortage of liquidity is making some firms dealing in cryptocurrency like crypto broker voyager digital run out of funds and this is due to the market crisis as the crypto market is crashed blocked the investors’ funds as the value of their assets declined investors not having any returns if they sell the asset now at low prices the crypto investor will have a straight loss. in the same run crypto broker firm Voyager Digital Ltd, also reduced the daily withdrawal limits to $10,000 from a value of $25,000, as the news is declared from the official website of the crypto broker firm, continue reading the passage below from Get India News for the more detailed explanation of this current issue.

Bitcoin Drops Below ,000

Sum they invested and this cryptocurrency exchange value is gone to its lowest levels of value up to 50% loss in some cryptos, and the companies which are playing as a crypto exchange station are having an urgent need for funds to satisfy their customer’s funds need, and this made the crypto broker firm Voyager Digital Ltd reduce the daily withdrawal limits to $10,000 from a value of $25,000 this change is decided to make after the event happened on Wednesday as the  Voyager Digital Ltd subsidiary unit issued a predecided legal notice to Three Arrow Capital Ltd, for not paying its loans from the Voyager Digital Ltd, as the issue is not disclosed by the voyager digital Ltd before when media asked questions but now itis taking a legal turn.

As per companies official statement, they are facing an economic slowdown which also affected the company’s revenue and economical support. company has to take these major steps to have funds return in these uncertain market conditions, and this is not getting any better soon as this inflation and economic crises in affecting the crypto market most. So they are in fund crises to pay their customers for a long period. Voyager Digital Ltd has a total value of crypto stuck with Three Arrow Capital Ltd is the crypto value of 15250 bitcoin a huge amount stuck which Voyager Digital Ltd hoped to use in providing funds to its customers as consists of 15250 bitcoin is an amount of nearly USD 310 million and USD 350 million USD Coins USD crypto.

The New Jersey-based crypto broker firm Voyager Digital Ltd said it had initially asked to return a small sum of USD 25 million USDcrypto till June, 24, but did not receive any response and later requested the entire amount to be repaid till June 27 as neither of the requests has been initiated by Three Arrow Capital Ltd. Voyager Digital Ltd officials are discussing for a legal remedy to recover stuck amounts. and to satisfy its customer’s needs for funds early this month voyager Voyager Digital Ltd had signed a financial agreement WITH Alameda Ventures Ltd seeking a flow of additional fund support.

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