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Crown Act Natural Hair: US House Passes Crown Act Which Would End Hair Discrimination


Crown Act Natural Hair: After ages, a new change has come in the United States. As per the latest report, The House of Representatives passed the legislation which strives to end discrimination against natural hair at work and school. The Crown (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act must still be approved by the Senate. President Joe Biden has urged lawmakers to swiftly pass the law. Ever since this act has been passed by the House of Representatives it brings a piece of happy news for Black Americans. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Crown Act Natural Hair

Crown Act Natural Hair

The Black Americans say that they are often treated unfairly at work and in schools because of their natural hair textures or protective styles like knots, braids, locks, and twists. If the Crown Act becomes law, natural hair discrimination would be treated as if it were race or national origin discrimination under federal civil rights law. Until then, advocates say that employers and organizations can discriminate against black Americans based on how they style their natural hair.

Adjoa B Asamoah, a legislative strategist for the CROWN Coalition, was praised by the vote of Friday in the House but acknowledged a potentially uphill battle in the Senate. Ms. Asamoah stated “There is the shift in the policy and then there is a shift in culture. This is about facing this Eurocentric standard of beauty, tacking anti-blackness, and lifting the natural African aesthetic. The diversity of Blackness is beautiful.”

The CROWN Coalition partners with above than 85 institutions to pass statewide bans on hair discrimination, and advocate for the bill nationally. Just on Thursday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives unanimously voted to advance its bills to its state senate.

A 3rd of black kids in the majority of white schools have faced race-based hair discrimination, as per a 2021 study by DOVE and the CROWN Coalition. The survey also found that 86% of children say they have experienced it by the age of 12. More than a dozen states have already passed similar laws focused on ending hair discrimination. Just on Thursday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives collectively voted to advance its bills to its state senate.

When Chicago mum Ida Nelson was informed her 4-year-old son Jett’s braids were banned by his pre-school she says she thought school administrators were kidding. But when the school informed her the hairstyle must be removed in order for him to go to class, she decided to fight against this kind of discrimination. After months of campaigning, Ms. Nelson was able to get the Jett Hawkins Act, which banned hair discrimination in schools, passed in Illinois.

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