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CrossFit Open 22.2 Workout Strategies Explained


CrossFit Open 22.2 Workout Strategies Explained: This article is particularly for fitness enthusiasts. The CrossFit Open workout 22.2 has come up and if you thought things were going to get easier after 22.1. think about it once again. Luckily, we brought in one of the best of CrossFit in Noah Ohlsen to give you his strategies and description for successfully navigating the 2nd workout of the Open. Workout 22.2 for the 2022 CrossFit Open was declared on Thursday, 3rd of March, 2022 at 03:00 PM EST by the 5-time Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser in the live deceleration telecast on the CrossFit Games Youtube channel. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

CrossFit Open 22.2 Workout Strategies Explained

CrossFit Open 22.2 Workout Strategies

For workout 22.2, the reigning Fittest Man on Earth Justin Medeiros competed against Saxon Panchik, and Laura Horvath who was the 2021 Dubai CrossFit Championships winner went head-to-head with Emma Lawson. The scores of athletes throughout the world will be posted to the CrossFit Games leaderboard.

CrossFit Open Workout 22.2 Explained

Here is the workout:

Ascending and descending rep scheme 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time.

Couplet of:

  • Bar-facing burpees
  • Deadlifts


  • Weight For Men should be approximated 225 lbs
  • Weight For Women should be approximated 155 lbs

The Strategy Of Noah Ohlsen’s 22.2

I just concluded 22.2 myself and from my experience with the workout. We will be going to give you some tips that toiled for me and will hopefully aid you to crush it as well. I was able to go intact all the way from 1 up to 10 and back down to 1. If deadlifts are your strong suit. I think you should be capable to do that and move nice and even via acrobatics. If deadlifts are not great for you, it would be ok to break those in half at the time of those middle-range reps and keep the acrobatics even and fast the entire time.

22.2 Warm-Up

Make sure you activate your posterior chain. Get some monster band walks in there, some dead bugs, and some glute bridges to activate your core. For the acrobatics, be sure to practice the technique. Ensure you have got the step-up technique down nice and even, and that you are able to flow through those agents, picking the bar back up for the next set of deadlifts.

Noah Ohlsen’s Tips For 22.2 Success

1. The Deadlift

On the deadlift, I got to know a while back to really activate and involve my lats to aid keep my back flat, instead of attempting to retract my scapula. Compress your arms down and into your sides. That should aid keep your back flat across those deadlifts, permitting you to use your hamstrings and glutes more than your back.

2. The Burpees

3. From Start To Finish

Descriptions And Scorecards

  • Foudations
  • Rx’d/Scaled
  • Adaptive Divisions
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