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Crack Pipes Meaning Explained: What Does Crack Pipes Mean?


Crack Pipes Meaning Explained: What Does Crack Pipes Mean?: On Tuesday, 8th January 2022, right-wing politicians and pundits unexpectedly started to amplify the completely spurious asserts that President Biden is using federal funds to distribute “crack pipes” to “advance racial equity.” As per the report of the Washington Free Beacon, a right-wing site that “The Biden administration will soon finance the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts in underserved communities for the aim of “advancing racial equity”. Sen quoted that “Last week, Biden discussed being tough on crime. Sen. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

crack pipes meaning

Crack Pipes Meaning Explained

Tom Cotton, R-Ark “This week, the Biden Admin declared finances for crack pipe distribution to “advance racial equity.” Dinged Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn “End government-financed crack pipes.” While the fabricated wave of conservative panic might make for a compelling Fox News chyron, with Republicans at the same time alleging Biden of racism and being weak on crime, this whole assertion is at best a ridiculous oversimplification.

Here is what reality informs us: On Tuesday, the Department of Health And Human Services released information of a Harm Reduction Grant Program that will allocate $30 million to nonprofit groups countrywide as part of a plan to reduce drug-related harm, especially in underserved communities. This initiative would expand facilities informally known as “overdose prevention centers,” which offer fentanyl test kits, safe syringe exchanges, and narcotics reversal drugs for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction, an outbreak that took the lives of more than 100,000 Americans between the month of May 2020 and the month of April 2021.

What Does Crack Pipes Mean?

These kinds of centers have ascertained incredibly effective in decreasing drug-related harm, and have operated in Canada, Australia, and several European nations for years. They are becoming more common in large American cities as well. Last year in New York, such sites successfully averted 59 overdoses within a period of just 3 weeks. Dr. Dave A. Choskhi, a New Year City health commissioner stated back in the month of December that “These data are swearing and show how Overdose Prevention Centers will reduce nonessential suffering and avoidable demise. The simple fact is that Overdose Prevention Centers save lives- the lives of our family, loved ones, and neighbors.”

So here is where we receive the crack pipes: As one of the 20 “harm reduction activities” in the plan of Biden, HHS would supply “safe smoking kits” which might include rubber mouthpieces for glass pipes to prevent wounds, as the fact-check site Snopes has noted. It is this rather minor provision within a much larger program that prompted conservatives into spinning the whole plan of Biden as a huge crack-pipe giveaway.

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