Its been almost four months now since the COVID-19 has taken the world. A lot has happened since then, the number of cases has been increasing day by day, death rates have been increased, medicinal facilities have been improved, social distancing is followed, the lockdown was implemented and now the lockdown has been lifted up as well. The economy was deteriorating at a much faster rate than ever before hence there was a requirement to open the nation phase-wise.

India is now in the fourth position in the world with a number of COVID-19 cases rising rapidly. The government has been taking crucial steps in order to cure and contain this virus and put an end to the pandemic.

arvind kejriwal

Since the lockdown has been lifted up COVID-19 cases in Delhi are rising at a higher rate. Recently Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed people on the current situation of Delhi. A few days back CM Arvind Kejriwal also was suffering from fever and sore throat but on undergoing the coronavirus test he was found negative to the virus. But Delhi’s health minister is found positive and is undergoing treatment now.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in his address mentioned that the condition in Delhi is stabilizing now. Earlier the rate of testing was slow hence the number of cases was also rising slowly. But now the testing rate is tripled and the number of people recovering has also increased over time. From 5,000 tests a day the number has increased to 18,000 tests per day.

Since the lockdown was lifted the cases in Delhi were multiplying at a higher rate there was a crisis in hospitals regarding beds and ventilation facilities. But it seems like the Central government and the Delhi government have been fighting together against the virus and have overcome this problem.

Now fewer people are admitted to the hospital, only those with severe symptoms are admitted. The rest with minor symptoms are mostly home isolated. Those who are under home isolation are provided with oximeters to measure oxygen levels every few hours. These oximeters can be returned to the government once the patient is recovered completely.

Kejriwal in the address mentioned that as of June 12, there was an occupation of 5,300 beds in the hospital. The number now has increased to 6,200. Tallying this only 900 beds have been occupied in the last 10 days but the number of cases rose to 23,000. This means that patients with severe symptoms have gradually decreased. People now are recovering under home isolation as well. The decrease in severe cases is a good sign and it seems like that the condition is more or less stabilizing with time.

The CM also discussed the current scenario stating that at present nearly 7,000 beds are ready in case of emergency and are unoccupied. These beds are specially arranged for COVID-19 patients. He also thanked the central government for closely fighting with the situation keeping all the political differences aside.

Highlights from the address:

1. The government is trying to control coronavirus from spreading in the capital along with providing facilities for those who already have been affected by the virus.

2. For those who are under home isolation, the government is in contact with them constantly and guiding them through the recovery process.

3.  It is difficult for the virus-infected patient to breathe and intake oxygen. But if provided on time the patients can be saved. Hence keeping this in mind the government is providing with oxymeters.

4. In Delhi alone, there are 25,000 active cases as of now. Around 33,000 people have been recovered as well.

5. Around 6,000 people are in hospital and nearly 12,000 people are home isolated are getting treatment for the infection. A week back there were 24,000 active cases which means 1,000 cases have been increased within a week. The detection of new cases and the recovery rate are in proportion. Hence the situation is stabilizing.

Coronavirus cases in Delhi have reached a mark of 60,000 now. The national capital has 59,746 positive cases with 33,013 recovered patients and 2,175 fatalities. This makes Delhi second worst-hit state and it has overtaken Tamil Nadu. I hope the situation gets in control soon.


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