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Covid 19 Outbreak: Night Curfew In Delhi Guidelines Or Rules For Marriage All Need You Know


The WuhanVirus again on its rise and within a month the cases of this deadly virus are rapidly increasing. The thousand of cases are coming day by day and after looking at this emergence of rising pandemic again many states put the curfews. The second phase of this ChineseVirus is on the hype and after looking at this, the Delhi Government imposed a night’s curfew from today onwards. After keeping in mind the safety of the Delhi citizens, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has decided to impose curfews at night curfew from 6th April to 30th April.

Night Curfew In Delhi Guidelines

Night Curfew In Delhi Guidelines Rules

The curfews at night are started on Tuesday for stopping the curb of WuhanVirus which is till on 30th April 2021. The decision came after the rise of cases in the national capital and this will remain from 10 PM to 5 PM. All the public gatherings at markets, pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, party venues and the rest of the public places close and would have to shatter by every night at 10 PM till the end of this month and this is a curfew imposed on everyone and all have to follow this rule strictly.

Markets, bars, pubs, and restaurants are going to remains closed in Delhi after 10 PM, anyone who will go to break this rule will be behind the bars and they have to pay heavy fines. Not only these special places but all other social occasions like banquet halls, laws and wedding halls will also have to follow this rule. Any kind of social gathering is not allowed after 10 PM. The shopping malls, markets, and shopping zone which are used to remain in the evening will also have to close shut down after 10 PM.

This night curfew is like a lockdown which is imposed only at nights and if the rises in cases will not stop then maybe the Delhi Govt will impose days curfew on weekends. Not only Delhi many states like Mumbai has made an imposed curfews at night and complete lockdown at weekends to break the chain of the cases. Hope this will help to reduce the cases otherwise, we will face another lockdown.

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