From Monday the situation of the capital of the country is going to start going back to normal slowly and steadily as the activities which are related to construction are going to be resumed from Monday, it has been stated by the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and he has further stated the activities are going to be suspended for the time being and the lockdown is going to be reopened in phases.

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Covid 19 Delhi Lockdown News

He has stated that the state is going to go through a gradual process in order to maintain the safety of the people and in order to control the virus as if the lockdown is opened without any phases then things are going to get chaotic as the virus will again have the chance to have the third wave ready so to avoid such a scenario it has been decided by the government to not to open the lockdown just like that and have decided to go slow with the process to avoid any kind of situation that can come up if you don’t take such a decision and from 31st May,

The things are going to be reopened slowly and steadily as of now only constructional activities are going to be started and then the different departments are going to be reopened which is good news for the workers as the labor sector has suffered a lot due to the lack of employment due to which they were even struggling to get their family members to the hospital as they didn’t have the money backing to get their family members admitted in the hospital which is a pretty sad scenario to see.

And it has been stated by the Chief Minister of the state that the government has started out with the construction sector as he wanted the daily wagers to start again as they have a livelihood to fulfill and he has stated that there is going to be a detailed guideline that is going to be issued on the internet shortly about what are going to be the rules and regulation in these times of quarantine and it seems like that the things are going to be normal again and for many of the people this is sigh in relief as many of the small businesses and many of the daily wagers were struggling in these desperate times and it seems like that the government has been correct in taking this decision of opening up the city slowly and steadily.


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