India announced the guidelines for unlocking 1.0 yesterday but the way numbers are growing we don’t think that this will last for long. Today in the current atmosphere Indian government has lots of challenges like sending migrants to their homes, getting off from the India China standoff, and this the raising numbers of COVID-19 are also the concern of the government. Now, the thing is we need to make our economy stable neither a lot of people will lose their job.

So far the reports are coming that the novel coronavirus in India is getting into the nerve. Even though the country announced the lockdown in time the cases continuing to see a steady rise. Now, according to the news reports of government, we have more than 2.36 number of affected in the country including the recovered ones. Also around 9,887 new cases arrived in the last 24 hours. The whole system is knocked down but what’s next?


The reports are coming that around 4,611 patients are fully recovered in the last 24 hours. 1,14,073 are the patients who are fully recovered now from the COVID-19 and 294 people died in the last 24 hours due to the fewer chances of recovery. The government yesterday announced that the lockdown will start lifting off from this upcoming 8th of June. A lot of public places are open but with new guidelines. Also, the new reports are suggesting that the government will try its best to control the spread of the virus.

If we talk about the global data then we can say that for now around 67 lakh people are affected with the virus and 3.94 people have died due to the COVID-19 so far. The WHO has already confirmed that things can go south in India if they won’t control it in time though they claimed that the way we are dealing with the virus is better than any country right now in the world.


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