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Corkscrew Landing Video: Military Forced to Use Corkscrew Landings to Avoid Attack at Kabul Airport


It is being stated there are military planes that are landing in Kabul airport which is being feared for potential missile attacks, it seems like they are using corkscrew landings and flares in order to avoid them. This has been stated by the Associated Press, it seems like the UK and the US are warning about the possible attacks and there are some countries who are stopping their evacuation, Military planes which are landing in Kabul are using different and various tactics to avoid potential missile attacks which have been stated by the Associated Press.

Corkscrew Landing Video

Corkscrew Landing Video

It seems like the cargo planes have fired up the flares which can be helpful to disrupt any kind of missile fire which is coming towards them and they are also using corkscrew landings in order to avoid the potential attacks which can happen on them. The tactics have been getting used since 22nd August which has been stated by the Associated Press, even the Western nations have heightened the warnings because of a complete possibility of an attack which can occur at the Airport as they are trying to evacuate people out from Afghanistan.

It seems like the UK and the US singled out ISIS-K which is the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan. The UK minister who is for the armed forces naming James Heappey has been warned on Thursday about a lethal attack which can turn out to be imminent and people should avoid going to the airport. It has been also warned to the Americans to void traveling to the Kabul airport as they are citing a threat which is coming directly from ISIS-K, many of the countries have also stopped doing evacuation flights which are out of Kabul because there is a great potential for an attack.

It seems like the situation is stirring up and there can be an attack anytime soon or it could be, they don’t go for an attack at all after creating so much panic and stress in the minds of the people. it seems like the countries are discussing about the outcomes and what should be their next step if the situation doesn’t get better, there is a scene of panic in the minds of the people and i  order to eliminate this, the military needs to take any action in order to make people safe.

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