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Who Is Corinna Slusser? Missing Cheerleader Found? Age, Instagram, and Update!


Who Is Corinna Slusser? Missing Cheerleader Found? Age, Instagram, and Update: The vanishing of Corinna Slusser has lasted four years and as per the sources she is the victim of sex trafficking. Corinna was an ex-cheerleader and at the age of 19 years, she has vanished from New York City. She was disappeared in the month of September 2017. Investigators believe that she is a sufferer of sexual assault, and they apprehended a 23-year-old suspect in correlation with the crime last month. As per the investigators, Woney advertised a “two-girl special” online, along with a photo of Corinna and the other female sufferer. Sabina believes that her daughter is being kept against her wish. Follow More Update On¬†GetIndiaNews.com

Corinna Slusser

Who Is Corinna Slusser?

Corinna Slusser has been missing since the year 2017 after reportedly being thrown into a sex-trafficking ring in Queens. When an older man offered 18-years-old Corinna Slusser a new and vanish life in New York, the ex-cheerleader select to leave her small town on the Susquehanna River and told her mother, not to anxiety and worry.

Though upon her come up in New York City, the teen was fastly entrapped in a Bronx sex-trafficking ring. Her images were plastered all over the web in ads for paid sex, and her body was sold in a sketchy hotel room by an infamous trafficker arraigned od assaulting up his workers and taking their money. Even so, the fear Slusser endured at the hands of the procurer and a sex offender bears no resemblance to what her mother and victim advocates frighten, what might have happened next.

Corinna Slusser

Corinna Slusser Missing Cheerleader Found?

Slusser vanished without a trace from a Queen’s guest house where rooms are rented by the hour less than 2 months after she viewed up in Gotham in the year 2017 and Slusser’s worried mother, Sabina Tuorto, states that she is so far no closer to finding her child. Tuorto stated in a recent tearful and sad interview with The Post that “My greatest nightmare is that I will never get closure, that I will never know exactly what she has gone through.”

At one point, Tuorto confronted the sex trafficker of her daughter in court, but she was still left with no answers. Is she truly dead or alive?” Who was the last person he passed her off to?” a crying Tuorto asked trafficker Ishi Woney at the time of the 2019 sentencing hearing. Woney is now imprisoned, as is one of Slusser’s other arraigned pimps, who was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment last month in the case of promoting prostitution and drugs. Though, neither man has been charged due to the disappearance of Slusser, and Tuorto is scared that the case of her daughter will remain unsolved. It has been already been 4 years missing.

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