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Corey Long: South Gate Middle School Teacher Arrested


Who Is Corey Long, South Gate Middle School Teacher Arrested: Corey Long is a man who is being arrested and netizens are searching for her. Hence your search is complete here as in the article below you will be going to get an update on the same. Her name is getting circulated on the social media platform and also making the news headlines. So in the article below you will get to know by Corey has been arrested and what are the allegations on her. Without any more delay, let’s get into the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Corey Long

Corey Long Arrested

So Corey is the PT teacher at the South Gate Middle School. And being a teacher what he did isn’t acceptable at all and this time he is to face prison. As per the sources he has been alleged for behaving rudely to the students and also for getting abusive.  Well, let us tell you that the allegations on the teacher her are yet to be confirmed. The police are still busy to know whether these allegations against him are true or not. Nothing is clear yet. The investigation is still on the way and the officials are busy finding evidence against the teacher whether he si actually attempted a crime or these allegations are fake.

Who is Corey Long?

Corey is the alleged and accused teacher of PT at South Gate Middle School, so here is the entire incident and it has happened while he is busy teaching his students the exercise, and at the same time his anger reach a high level after which he had been used the abusive language to them.

After this the has been in the news headlines but there is one more thing to be looked at and that is “he is still not confirmed for his allegations.” The officials are still looking into the matter deeply to know whether he has actually used this language with his students or these are fake allegations against him.

Cory was arrested in the morning on Saturday and these allegations were imposed on him by the students who were present at that time and the head faculties of the school took an action and then he had been arrested. After this schools remove from his post and job and he left the school as the head of the school is worried for the security of the students.

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