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Cooku With Comali 2 Today’s Episode 13th February 2021 Written Update Valentine Special Week & Immunity Task!


“Cooku with Comali 2” is all here with a written episode update of  13th February 2021. In the last episode, we have seen that it was hilarious and challenging for the entire participants. They performed with all their dignity and efforts but as we all know that the only deserving one will get immunity. The task was actually tough and challenging, participants balanced the pot on their head while the rest of the teammates recooked the dish, cooked by one of the judges.

Cooku With Comali 2

Shakila and Rithika were gone off-track from the list of top 4 contestants, hence they loosed the opportunity to perform in the upcoming immunity tasks. And the Pot round won by Kani and Sunita. They performed fantastically in the first challenge and cooked a dish that tastes exactly like the judge’s dish, and their dish impressed the judges and they praise them a lot. Whereas Pugal kept the atmosphere humorous and entertaining. His amusing movements always makes the participant laugh.

Tonight’s episode will gonna be jammed up with the valentines theme special. An explosive episode consists of a crucial immunity task which surely is challenging as the show is close to its finale. We can experience pressure on participants tonight. As they all are dedicated to winning the trophy for the honored title. To win the trophy is not at all easy as each and every single participant is skilled and giving their best for the trophy. Hence, the competition is tough and needs more effort to own a title.

The comalis will be seen in new avatars. They are dressed up themselves as superheroes this week. And the episode is filled up with comedy, fun, and entertainment. Comalis manage to keep the atmosphere positive and joyful which somewhere helps the participants to perform stressless. It’ll be seen that for the “Parrot Challenge” Babba Bhaskar and Manimegalai will be paired up tonight which raises the tension for the rest of the participants.

Well, it’s a valentine’s special week hence, Sunitha picks the advantage of the theme and proposes Aswin while Shivangi gets frantic. Well, the entertainment not gonna stops here as Pugal flirts with Pavitra in the entire episode. Kavi and Sunitah paired up together and performs firmly. While the immunity winner will remain in suspense. Keep up with the level of your excitement and stay tuned with us by following our site. The show “Cokku With Comali” will be aired at 6:30 Pm on 30th January 2021 on Vijay Tv. For any query regarding cooking reality show comment us.

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